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The topics discussed here grow out of the bread-and-butter issues that confront my consulting and software clients on a daily basis. We'll talk about prosaic stuff like Membership Management, Meetings and Events Management and Fundraising, broader ideas like security and software project management, and the social, cultural, and organizational issues that impact IT decision-making.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

How Big Was it?

Whenever we sit down to talk to a potential new client, they want to make sure we've handled a job as big as theirs before. It goes without saying, their project is big. Complex. Mission Critical. "What's the biggest project you've tackled?" they ask. How to answer? With what yardstick, on what scale do we measure our projects? Its not always easy to answer - one project may seem huge in one dimension - but ask another question, and its very simple and straightforward. The other day I was asked this twice - led me to write a longish article about it that I posted here on Ecademy. You'll see the article started a prickly little dialog which actually has nothing to do with the content - but, well, what would the internet be without flame wars?

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